Four sewing co-ops have been set up with a combination of loans and used sewing machines, allowing women who have been abused to develop self-esteem, independence and freedom from abusive relationships, and a means to support themselves and their children.  The newest has been set up on the grounds of the Children's Project.


In October of 2015 we saw the completion of the building to be used for the new Sewing Co-op, designed to provide training and employment for families who are members of the Children’s Center.  The Co-op was built on property owned by the Children’s Center, with the idea of allowing mothers to work in close proximity of their children.  Many women who live in Somoto have to look for work in other towns and communities, due to the lack of opportunities for employment near their homes.  The Nicaragua Project purchased three commercial sewing machines, and donated other funds for supplies to help get this wonderful ministry to families started.  We are looking forward to hearing testimonies from the families who will benefit financially from this new project!