The Nicaragua Project began with a trip that John Goodman, Arlene Chacon and Pastor Abe Gonzalez took to Nicaragua in 1999. A group of Lutheran pastors and lay leaders who were meeting in Managua requested us to do a music workshop for them. With John's musical background we held the music workshop in Managua. At the same time Arlene Chacon took trips to a remote area of Nicaragua where she held health care clinics for people who did not have good access to medical care. It was Arlene who wanted us to know that medical care was something badly needed in remote areas of Nicaragua. After the music workshop we met a couple of pastors who were serving in the area of Somoto. These two pastors requested our support to help them built a church. At this time the church was meeting under a tree. Construction of the church building began in 2000. At the same time that the building was under construction Pastor Abe received some funds to build some homes. Four homes were built in Cacauli and two in Somoto.


Since 2000 we have built over 40 homes for people in dire need for a decent home, a multipurpose building which is used as a daycare, tutoring, various classes, computer lab , church services, mental health services, parenting support as well as a place where a variety of meetings are held. We also built a clinic in the town of Telpaneca for pregnant women called a mother's house. This is a place where pregnant women from remote areas of Nicaragua come to receive health services before and after the birth of their babies. The clinic can house up to 14 women at a time.


Now the mission that was begun by three people has become a group known as  ENTREFE - THE NICARAGUA PROJECT. The reason for using this name is to assure people that  we welcome people of all backgrounds. The group continues to provide homes and services to the people of Nicaragua.


The mission has been very successful but the success is not due to the work of three people or the people that serve on the ENTREFE-THE NICARAGUA PROJECT Board, certainly their work is a vital part of it. The main success is due to the financial support, devotion, faith, love and compassion of the people who travel to Nicaragua to share with those who are in need. Also our mission depend 100 % from the donations of very generous people who are willing to give their financial support. We want you to know that 100% of the funds we receive go towards the project. We began this mission with the idea of changing other people's lives. We believe we have accomplished this, but we also found out that in the process our lives were also changed. COME AND JOIN US!